List of Dreamhacks

The following Dreamhacks are in use on this system. Note that if a particular Dreamhack is not linked, that means that that Dreamhack's Apache instance is not currently running.

If you have a Dreamhack and want to include a description of what you're doing on this page, simply create a file called .plan in your home directory and put your description in that file. It'll automatically be included on this page.

NameDW / LJ / IRC NameURL
Another Test
Daily Snapshot

Daily Snapshot's .plan:

This Dreamhack account is automatically rebuilt every day at 12:30am GMT from the latest code. It has open account creation, and the system password is 'system'. Nothing you do here is permanent, so feel free to abuse it.

More Tests[info]sophie / [info]soph
No non-free
Sophie[info]sophie / [info]soph